A Minneapolis hardrockband of the 70s, one of the first bands on Twin/Tone Records, an outgrowth of the decade's DIY recording frenzy. They only lasted long enough to do one EP, with fairly cool songs like "1980-1990" ("It's a decade /&like the rest"), "Scum of the Earth (for Travis Bickle)", and "Fun is Everything", which might make a nice theme song for MSN Everything.

Singer Curt Almsted went on - as "Curtiss A" - to record several disques for Twin/Tone.

Also an American hip hop group, consisting of four MCs and a female vocalist. The four MCs are called Water Water aka Agua Dinero (real name, Jerel Sprull), Hypno (real name Chenjerai Kumanyika), Mr Booka-T aka Bookaso (real name Booker T. Tucker) and JD aka Vengeance aka Joe Davis (real name Joseph M. Davis). The vocalist is Ming Xia aka Irina (real name Irina M. Perez) according to the sleeve notes. Spooks have released one album; S.I.O.S.O.S. Depending on who you ask, it either means Spooks Is On Some Other Shit, or Spooks Is On Some Other Script. I think the former is more likely, but both are incorporated into songs on the album. Singles so far are Sweet Revenge, Karma Hotel and Things I've Seen.

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