A liberal arts college located in Bronxville, NY. It was once an all girls school, but has been co-ed for quite some time. It's been co-ed for longer than the University of Virginia, for example, although UVa alums always asked me, "Isn't Sarah Lawrence an all-girls school?"

Sarah Lawrence College (or SLC) has a very unique educational system. Every student has a don, or faculty adviser, starting from their first year. There is a de-emphasis on tests or exams. Instead, there is a huge focus on writing and conference projects, which are personal research papers or projects chosen by the students themselves.

SLC is somewhat notorious for its gay, lesbian, bi, and trans community, although some of this reputation is undeserved. It definitely is an OK place for people wanting to test out bisexuality. The big annual event is the Cross-Dress Cabaret, during which students of all sexual and gender persuasons wear drag and sing, dance, or perform. I put in a couple of stints there myself.

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