Track Listing
  1. With Me
  2. Tried Hard Enough
  3. See Thru Me
  4. Good for You
  5. Rhapsody
  6. The Beautiful Songs
  7. 3 Stories Left
  8. Blues for Angel
  9. The Shade of the Hand of Fear
  10. She
  11. Steamroller Blues
  12. Bodies

The Sacred and Profane was self-released in 1996, and was the first album produced by Soul Miner's Daughter (who would later become The Jennifer Nettles Band) out of Georgia. The album was a fantastic mix of blues, rock, jazz, a cappella, folk and just about everything in between.

Produced by Cory Jones, Jennifer Nettles and Don McCollister, and recorded at the Nickel and Dime Recording Studio in Georgia. All songs are written by Cory Jones and Jennifer Nettles with the exception of Steamroller Blues, which is by James Taylor.

The first song I ever heard by Soul Miner's Daughter was Bodies, and it is probably still my favorite. See Thru Me and Rhapsody come a close second though, the former for it's fast beat and catchy lyrics, and the latter for it's slow, romantic feel. Bodies is a live cut, and a very sexy and erotic song, for purposes that should become obvious when listened to (or when that particular song is noded).

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