I wrote this using my Magnetic Poetry set.

tongue the knife
dream the forest
chant in the water when the moon sings
I want to live like summer music
I will worship the bitter garden

Something I do after cutting up a delicious piece of fruit.

I have a special sheathed picnic knife in my lunch bag that I use to slice apples, peaches, and pears when they appear alongside my sandwich and drink bottle.

Once I've disassembled the fruit, I have a knife dripping with sweet juices, and the natural solution is to lick it clean. This process was perfectly illustrated (albeit with cake and not fruit juice) by Yasmine Bleeth in Movieline magazine.

Since I'm the only person using the knife, I'm not worried about germs, and I wash it every night so it's clean for the next day's lunch.

I must admit that I also enjoy the muted ching! when the blade kisses my tongue stud.

Does that make me evil?

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