A Beatles song, written by Lennon and McCartney, recorded July 1, 1963 in studio 2 at Abbey Road. "She Loves You" was first released as a single in the UK on August 23, 1963; the single is Parlophone R5055. It was first released as a single in the US on September 16, 1963; the single is Swan 4152. Both were the A-singles to "I'll Get You".

"She Loves You" was number 1 on all UK charts and spent 33 weeks in the top 50. It was also number 1 on all US charts, with 2 weeks as the Billboard 1 (March 21 and 28, 1964), and 15 weeks in the Hot 100.

"She Loves You" was recorded on a two-track tape but only the mono master was kept, so the song has never been in real stereo.

As one of the first Beatles songs Americans ever heard, "She Loves You" helped to introduce the group to and secure their massive US fanbase.

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