This is an urban legend / ghost story that will be familiar to many Filipinos...

A man was driving along EDSA (a highway in Manila) one night, and noticed that the car behind him had been switching the headlights from high beam to low beam every few seconds. At first, he paid it no mind.

Later however, he noticed that the headlights were now constantly in high beam. Also, the car seemed to be following him. And it did, the car followed him until he got to the gates of his house. As the man parked on the street, so did the car behind him, headlight still at high.

Irritated, the man got out of his car to confront the driver of the car behind him. The driver turned out to be a woman, with a worried look on her face. She began to tell this curious story...

She was driving along EDSA, when she saw what seemed to be an old woman with a dagger in the back seat of the car ahead of her, poised to stab the driver of the car. Startled, she turned the headlights to high beam to ascertain what she saw. But when she turned the headlights to high beam, there was no old woman there.

Thinking it was just her imagination, she turned the headlights to low. However, as soon as she did, she saw the old woman again, raising a dagger to stab the driver. But when she turned the headlights to high, the old woman was gone again.

After doing this a few times, the young lady decided to turn her headlights on high, and follow the car in front.

Incredulous, the man told the young lady that he did not have a passenger in the car, and she might have had too much to drink.

To prove that there was no one in the back seat, the man opened the rear door of the car... to find an old rusty knife placed neatly in the back seat.

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