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I've been known to node about computers, the Philippines, some philosophy, and religion.
Virginia Tech
"Do not worry about your problems with mathematics, I assure you mine are far greater." -- Albert Einstein
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NOTE: I am rarely active in E2 anymore, please email your correpondence instead of sending a /msg thanks.
real name: Roy Patrick Tan
current physical location: Blacksburg, VA.
Writeups of mine that I particularly like:
the problem with small towns | algorithm (scroll down) | Principle of non-contradiction

Philippines stuff:
Places: Philippines Manila Cotabato City
People: Jose Rizal Emilio Aguinaldo Manuel Quezon
Monsters: Ferdinand Marcos manananggal tiyanak white lady
Poetry: Florante at Laura Mi Ultimo Adios Sa Aking Kababata

Short biographies of medieval people:
Saint Ambrose Saint Augustine Albertus Magnus Averroes Avicenna Boethius John Duns Scotus Peter Lombard William of Ockham

Short biographies of computer people:
C.A.R. Hoare C. J. Date E. F. Codd John Backus Howard Aiken Grace Hopper

Apostles' creed Tantum Ergo O Salutaris Hostia Salve Regina Regina Coeli

The pope on evolution Christians don't believe that "being good" gets anyone into Heaven