Tiyanak is another Filipino mythical monster. This monster takes the form of a sweet innocent baby. Some claim that tiyanaks always comes in pairs, and they are the spirit of twins who died at birth.

But the version I'm familiar with, is the single tiyanak that you find when walking in old country roads at night.

Imagine yourself a peasant farmer, walking home late at night to your barrio. As is wont to happen in these roads lit only by the moon, you start feeling that someone is watching you. Suddenly, you hear the plaintive cry of an infant. Then you see the child, seemingly abandoned by uncaring parents. Like any good Christian, you pick up the baby and bring it home.

That would prove your greatest mistake. You bring the baby home, feed it some milk, and give it to your younger daughter to take care of for the night. Satisfied that you've done a good deed, you go to sleep.

A few hours later, you wake up to a squishing sound and a foul stench. You get up... and see this innocent baby chewing at the carcass that was once your daughter...

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