Sun Tzu was an ancient oriental tactician and stragegist.

His teachings were transcribed by his followers, and so all records of this teachings are of the form:

"Sun Tzu said: The art of war is of vital importance to the State."

His most famous teachings make up The Art of War.
Sun Tzu is also considered to be the Chinese in the Chinese Remainder Theorem, although this may be apocryphal.

A number of computer games (including Civilization) have AIs based partly on Sun Tzu's teachings in The Art of War. The CCG Legend of the Five Rings also has cards inspired by Sun Tzu's analysis of terrain and accounts of war.

There is also some speculation as to whether or not Sun Tzu existed at all. Apparently the age in which he was living left extensive records of almost all people, especially those as high-ranking as Sun Tzu must have been. There are no actual government records stating his position or birthplace. Also, the battles that he analyzes take place during many different times, and some scholars claim that it is unlikely that one person living in the time of Sun Tzu would have been able to know of all these disparate events. Most people, however, believe in his existance due to the fact that the Art of War exists, and is clearly ancient and written by some great general, regardless of his name.

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