Most of the following is paraphrased from save for any personal comments or observations about The Roches.

I've only recently gotten into this quirky band which has its roots in both New Jersey and New York City, in which I have spent my entire life. The Roches can be described as a folk group, but not in the vein of traditional arrangements or works heavily influenced accompanied strictly by period instruments. Nor are they in the Pentangle or Fairport Convention idiom, freely incorporating electrified instruments alongside traditional arrangements to create a modernized ballad. The Roches may be characterized as storytellers of very conventional concerns (like paying the telephone bill) set to distinctive, plain but forceful voices.

The Roches in seminal form consist of Suzzy, Maggie, and Terre Roche. For the first family release (Seductive Reasoning, 1975) only the last two performed. Joined by Suzzy the sisters produced six albums. Seductive Reasoning and The Roches (1980) are considered by many to be the major part of the Roche canon, but most albums tend to capture their unique sound, which is known for brutal honesty and sometimes risque humor.

Discography in reverse chronological order, as per

Albums by The Roches

Can We Go Home Now, Rykodisc, 1995

Will You Be My Friend?, Baby Boom Music, 1994 -- Children's

A Dove, MCA, 1992 -- cmw

We Three Kings, MCA 1990 (reissued: Rykodisc 1994) -- Christmas/Holiday

Speak, MCA, 1989

No Trespassing, Real Live Records, 1986 (reissued: Rhino Records, 1990)

Another World, Warner Bros., 1985 -- cmw (considered major work)

Keep On Doing, Warner Bros., 1982 -- cmw

Nurds, Warner Bros., 1980 -- cmw

The Roches, Warner Bros., 1979 -- cmw

Albums by Maggie and Terre Roche

Seductive Reasoning, Columbia, 1975 -- cmw

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