The Pouting Tent was derived from the Original Pouting Loft (complete with stuffed animals and live cat). The magic of the Pouting Tent is that it is a personal refuge for pouting, sulking, and general depression. It can be shared with a few close buddies or remain a private nothing nook. (I recommend a tent because it is less expensive and it can be decorated to suit your personality (whether it is plain green or bright pink with Sailor Moon on it), not to mention the convenience of something portable) Even if you don't own a tent, (I am only admitted as a guest from time to time), you can find an alternative Pouting Place, such as:
As you can see, the mindset is what counts--but it is very important that it is your own Personal Place of Pouting. See Eeyore for a prime example

Note: Not everyone is in need of a Pouting Tent--I myself do not particularly desire a Pouting place, but it is always fun to visit others', so if you do pout a lot, why not make it official?? Revel in your sulking--glorify it!
The Pouting Tent that karrenlouise is so fond of was purchased at IKEA for a mere $17.99. It is red and blue with black and white stripes near the top and yellow trapdoors on two sides that velcro shut. There is a zipper in the front.

The Pouting Tent, has, on several occasions, been subject to it's owner's slightly perverse desire to turn it into a Nookie Tent. All of these attempts have crashed and burned meteorically.

Don't be fooled by the name. The Pouting Tent is not only for Pouting, but for resenting, moping, plotting, seething, grousing, bitching, and moaning. It does, however, come with the unfortunate side effect of heating up rather quickly. But the fact that it's red and warm almost makes it like a portable, inexpensive womb or kangaroo pouch. It's also perfect for marathon stretches of time spent with one's Playstation or when one is on the phone for hours having pointless conversations*.

*"One" would most likely be a girl because I don't know any man who talks on the phone about nothing for five hours but I can do it at least five times a week.

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