And the guitar washes are just incredible. You could live inside of them, letting there granulated waves of vibrant communication innundate you with an evaluation of the evalation of sixth-circuit spirituality. The moths of ruin have struck again, this time under the guise Yume Bitsu Landing on the Surface of Eceon from their golden vessyl of sound.

The album opens with the Open Sea, a slowly pensive piece that builds and climaxes in this incredible way. Adam Forkner of Yume Bitsu sings low while the music envelopes his vocals in the forementioned walls of sound. The congregation of musicians her coalesces into a near perfect expression of each particular background and sensibility, where one is strong in harmony, another carries over the soundscaping, and vice-versa.

Yume Bitsu is fond of calling a particular kind of ambient music, surface music. As they feel they are investigating (one can interpret) a particular surface of thought, whether metaphorical or literal. Silence Beheads Us and Deep Gray Night are definitly surface songs. They wander, and gain only a subtle momentum. But it is not "in the wank" so to speak, but in pursuance of a particular vibe and locale that can be appreciated like a fine wine. Deep Gray Night eventually adorns vocals, as the drums behind keep a cymbal-heavy beat.

The cover to the album is among the very best I've ever set eyes on, depicting a giant moth, created by hundreds of deeply patterned green and brown feathers. Hell, it may even be a real moth, the incredibly beautiful and varied creatures that they are. And that to me symbolizes this album, this sound, this moment. Taking flight.

The musicians featured on this record include Dick Baldwin, Adam Forkner, Daron Gardner, Phil Jenkins, and Aaron Snow. The only thing it may be missing is a woman's touch, as in Mr. Snow's wife who plays in Landing. It was released on November 13, 2001 on Strange Attractors records.


  1. The Open Sea
  2. Silence Beheads Us
  3. The Grasshopper King
  4. Deep Gray Night
  5. Council of the Locusts
  6. Ascension to the Second Tier of the Outer Plane of Dryystn (Ecyeon)

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