Once, the Sounds did not yet travel on the Winds, and the air Beyond was Silent and Clouded.
When the Mothpeople came, their Procession was not heard until they were already upon the small Towers of the Elders.
Their fierce Horns sounded only Destruction.
The Flames burned high and long.
Then the Moths would depart, leaving nothing but Destruction in their wake.
Again and again the Moths would come and destroy, and the Elders would rebuild their City and thier lives...
The songs of old carried the dark weight of this Despair.
But the Elders also sing of a time of Transformation and Understanding,
A time when Dryystn as we now know it came to be,
When the Moths of Ruin became the Moth-Messengers of the Golden Vessyl of Sound!

The Vessyl

The Vessyl is a loose musical collective, exploring a unique flavor of psychedelic music, while maintaing a certain fiction/mythos that spreads between the musicians.

The Moth Men

Yume Bitsu are the mothmen of sound. They have been communicated, and explored by the forest-world of Dryystn, also another a plane of existence.

Surface of Eceon explore the "ascension to the second tier of the outer plane of Dryystn, Eceyon." Composed of three-fourths of Landing and the lead singer/guitarist for Yume Bitsu, their sound is dramatic and vast. "We are the inhabitants of Eceyon, the 2nd tier of the outer plane of Dryystn; a realm where time, energy, and color blur into a beautiful landscape of sound and action. Adam Forkner came to us from Yume Bitsu, Dick Baldwin, Daron Gardner, and Aaron Snow came to us from Landing, and Phil Jenkins came to us from outer space." Dick Baldwin is apparently credited with the "heavy trips" in the music.

Landing has been making music for quite awhile. Their sound is more ambient, textured in slow contemplation. There still is a strongly-effected guitar that can send one to some nifty places.

Wolf Colonel is just in the collective because they are friends and share members with Yume Bitsu. The music sounds nothing like this, and takes no part in the running narrative.

Planetarium Music is Alex Bundy's electronic project. The music is quiet, suitable for staring at the stars and wondering. He's done manipulated recordings from Lloyd Center mall in Portland, OR and a variety of minor trip music.

From Wavelength magazine...

When we decided to name the new band Surface of Eceon, there was no intentional connection to the name Landing... the fact that the names could actually be linked is something I hadn't even thought of. Forkner: When in a Vessyl-enduced state of trance, one has visions of a fantastical city in the sky. We call this city Dryystn, and it has the form of a cypress tree. Beyond the furthest reaches of this tree city, wisping through the longest tallest branches like mist to an early morning hill, is the Surface of Eceon. "Landing" is a verb. It means to touch down on a surface, though no specific surface is specified in their name.
Music that comes forth from The Vessyl is entirely linked to the people creating it in each moment of time. Sometimes this can be a loud wall of sound that perhaps assaults the listener with fuzz-wah destruction. Other times it's a more gentle enveloping of sheets of glimmering colour-sound beauty. Often one leads to the other. These are all valid and vital forms of Vessyl-expression.

Yume Bitsu: the Golden Vessyl of Sound (2002)

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