A team of inept comic book superheroes created in 1966 by E. Nelson Bridwell and Joe Orlando and published by DC Comics. They first appeared in "Showcase #62," but got their own book less than a year later.

The team consisted of five children of older and more successful heroes. In addition to parodying DC's own heroes, "The Inferior Five" also lampooned characters from other comics companies. As far as I can tell, the book lasted about a dozen issues, but the characters occasionally show up in other comics (Dumb Bunny and Merryman, for instance, were supporting characters in Phil Foglio's "Angel and the Ape" series from a few years ago...).

Source: Scott Shaw!'s "Oddball Comics" column at the ComicBookResources.com website. If you have the original comics, let me know your address so I can break into your home and steal them from you.

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