Hero duo published by DC Comics and created by E. Bridwell, Howie Post and Bob Oksner. Angel and the Ape first appeared in Showcase Presents #77 in September 1968.

Angel and the Ape tells the tale of two friends and partners Angel Beatrix O'Day and Sam Simeon. Angel is the daughter of Professor Theo O'Day and a member of the Amazon race (the same group that Wonder Woman comes from). Her sister Athena gained the strength of the Amazons and became a hero called Dumb Bunny, according to the Angel and the Ape mini-series. Athena became a member of the group known as the Inferior Five. Angel did not gain the strength and to make up for her seeming lack of power, trained so that she became an expert in martial arts, fencing, and marksmanship. She met Sam Simeon her partner on one of her father's expeditions to Africa and two opened up a detective agency.

Sam Simeon is the grandson of Gorilla Grodd, the super villain gorilla from Gorilla City and foe of the Flash. Simeon does not share his grandfather's thirst for power and instead is happy being a comicbook artist working for DZ Comics. Sam occasionally helps Angel on a case, bringing a bit of strength and a lot of brains to the operation.

The two have surfaced on a number of occasions over the years, from a mini-series in the early 90's by Phil Foglio to a newer miniseries written by Howard Chaykin.

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