“The Eagle Sits Alone

the eagle sits alone
atop dead tree
whose leaves have fallen away
in brisk autumn breeze

the eagle sits alone
eyes closed in pensive thought
it brothers haven flown away
in search of their dreams

the eagle sits alone
decaying branch swaying gently
and yet he moves nowhere
the cardinal directions about him
reminding him of those who have left

the eagle sits alone
thoughts drift to dreams
dreams of soaring high above the lands
mountains and rivers
forests and swamps
in dreams he can see, he can do all

and yet he sits in solitude
wings all but clipped
talons clinging to that dead branch
he knows as home

the eagle sits alone
wishing he was like the others
wishing he could but take off
and fly
and soar
but instead he is stuck

what holds him there?
what binds him to the deserted land about him?
he does not know
and so . . .

the eagle sits alone
his dreams carrying him along
his eyes closed to reality
he only hopes to fly

the eagle sits alone
and I sit beside him.

-- Copyright Dan Alcalde, 1997

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