“The Eagle Sheds A Tear

the eagle sheds a tear
the drop falling from limb
of a decaying tree
[rotting[ and aging
old but stubborn
its roots gripped firmly into the ground
holding tight
like the eagle’s talon upon its arm

the eagle sheds a tear
eyes open wide
revealing the horror and destruction
the desolation
the loneliness
of the land about him

the eagle sheds a tear
haunting memories
of soaring over lands
lush with green
trees speckled with the myriad
of autumn colours
all dancing
in the mellow fall breeze

the eagle sheds a tear
dreams of where he should be
the reality of where he is
just he
and the tree
helpless to the turning of time
unable to move
each gripping tight
to the present

the eagle sheds a tear
hoping to replenish the land
to replenish hope
but a single drop is no replacement
to the downpours necessary

the eagle sheds a tear
and no one is there to see it.

-- Copyright Dan Alcalde, 1997

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