A movie from 1998 directed by Gregory Hoblit, written by Nicholas Kazan, and staring Denzel Washington as John Hobbes, John Goodman as Jonesy, and Donald Sutherland as Lt. Stanton. It falls in the genres of Horror, Mystery, and Thriller.

A fallen angel torments a saintly police officer.

Word: having dropped, or collapsed. Also see degraded, ruined, decreased, dead, and fall.

Composer: Gary Numan
Album: Pure
Track no.: 06

While this song appears to be instrumental on the first couple of listens, there are actually lyrics, albeit backmasked and distorted. These are the lyrics that fans have tried to piece together by reversing the song and listening really hard. Numan himself has later said that these lyrics, while close, are not exactly right. We may never know, since it seems even he cannot remember the lyrics himself anymore.

Help Me
Help Me
Help Me
Help Me
Help Me

I can taste your misery

I'm fallen, run to me

Unforgiven, scared to sleep

Wait for dark and hear god weep

Hear god weep

Hear god weep

God weep

Fall"en (?), a.

Dropped; prostrate; degraded; ruined; decreased; dead.

Some ruined temple or fallen monument. Rogers.


© Webster 1913.

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