The Dragon is one of the main characters from Dreamworks' 2001 computer animated film Shrek. (Beware of spoilers, especially below the line.) The following blurb is HOCR from the movie's offical site,

Even though it breathes fire and eliminates any knight who tries to save the princess, this is not your ordinary fairytale dragon. Hanging out at the Keep and being surrounded by hot boiling lava all day long can make any dragon hungry for a little action.

The Dragon is quite a clever twist on the traditional dragon-guarding-the-princess role. The Donkey sweet-talks Dragon, giving Shrek time to rescue the princess, but does too good a job -- this very feminine female dragon is smitten with the donkey, head over heels. The Donkey is not comforable with this relationship, and is rescued from reverse dragon rape by Shrek, just in the nick of time, of course. The princess rescue sequence is one of the more clever acts in the movie.

The Dragon plays a part in delivering the "everyone is a good person no matter how they look" moral of the story: she and the donkey become fast friends by the end of the film.

The Dragon is a name that motorcyclists and sports car enthusisiasts have given to a stretch of US Highway 129 as it goes through Smokey Mountain National Park between Andrews, North Carolina and Marysville, Tennessee as it passes through Deal's Gap. Like a dragon, it snakes and curls its way through the mountains, with 318 turns in its 11 miles. To a skilled motorcyclist on a sportbike, to ride the dragon in a spirited manner is one of the most exhilarating rides there is, and is called slaying the dragon or tickling the dragon's tail. Like tickling a real (or fictional) dragon's tail, it is also an extremely dangerous pursuit, and dozens of motorcyclists each year have been burned by the dragon's fiery breath when they get too close.

A popular gathering spot is the Crossroads of Time Motorcycle Campground, where motorcyclists gather to trade war stories, lick their wounds, and contribute to the tree of shame, which is a monument to the result of venturing too close to the dragon's breath. The tree of shame consists of parts off some of the many motorcycles that have wiped out on the dragon.

Due to the large number of severe crashes, and the steady business it brings to the medivac choppers and the hospital in nearby Knoxville, Tennessee, there is a heavy police presence on weekends in the warmer months of the year, and the official speed limit on the Tennessee side of the Dragon is 30 MPH.

Content Warning: The following node contains strong sexual imagery. Not appropriate for prudes, puritans, or children.

Good morning lover,

The last time we were together you did things to me, you fired things deep inside me—things that I never thought were possible. The Hindu mystics envisioned a snake, the kundalini shakti, tightly coiled around the base of the spine. I think of it more like a big dragon, deep in the back of the brain where sex hits us. Let me explain what I mean:

There is a molecule which your body makes. It is that pheromone trace that makes you smell like you. It originates deep inside your body and permeates your bloodstream, your flesh, your fluids...every part of you is awash in this magical perfume. It exits through every pore, it clings to your clothing, your skin, your lips...I can taste it in your saliva when I kiss you and I can smell it on your breath.

I hold you in my arms, smelling your hair. My senses are bombarded by that pheromone. It hits me in a place that came into existence long before sight or hearing existed, a primal, dark cavern deep inside me. My tongue moves over your throat, down your collarbone, to your underarm. Tiny receptors deep inside my nasal cavity pick up that molecule and transfer it directly to the Dragon. This is his food. The Dragon stirs in the darkness.

I suck your dark nipples and they harden to the touch of my tongue. The molecule exhales from them, it's strong here. There is a light burning in the depths of my nose, somewhere under my eyes, as the pheromone does its magic. I feel your body shiver as my mouth traces down your belly.

Deep in my skull, the Dragon snaps awake, fiery eyes opening, his tail wrapped tightly around the base of my brain.

I bury my face in your sex. That elusive substance takes over my mind—coming from the deepest fibres of your being into the dark places of my brain. I am treated to your heat and scent, the flavour of you, the slippery heat on my tongue and fingers. Your hips move under my face and my hands in a dance that is as old as life. Your gasps, the tension in your muscles, your heat tell me the story of your climaxes, read with my fingertips, lips, and tongue.

And the molecule—it travels deep inside my head, into the Dragon's chamber. Like a key opening a lock, the chains fall away. Rules have no meaning here—the beast is freed. The power surges from the soft sweet depths of your flesh directly into the pre-human, pre-verbal parts of me that are the Dragon. I willingly give him full free reign. He breaks loose and shuts down my forebrain with all its trappings of civilized society—all our words and our maths and our planning, all those unnecessary frills—all tucked neatly away, leaving the Dragon in full control.

We come together and I watch as though in a dream. My skin crackles with lust, I feel electricity from every point of my body as I plunge inside you. My every organ, every fibre of me trembles with the need for you, the craving to take charge of you, to make you make you happy. The rest of the universe fades and there is only us, just two beasts in rut. At that instant, your soft moans are more beautiful than the most exquisite violin sonata and your taste is sweeter than brandy.

The Dragon wants you, and in a corner of my brain, cozily freed from the need for politeness and decorum, I let him have his way with you, using my body to take you with every iota of my strength. As my orgasm grows, I feel safe, enfolded deep inside your love. I am warm and accepted. The Dragon thrashes and I cry out your name, again and again. He sinks his claws in deep and for an instant, a beautiful eternity, there is nothing in the universe but this amazing woman I love...and our shared pleasure and joy.

Until next time, my love...

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