I assume that most of you reading this know of a conversation assassin, though you may not have realised it. I hope to enlighten you so that you will recognise their particular brand of evil. These are people, who, upon entering any conversation, will kill it instantly. I have no idea where they get these mystical powers from, but somehow they can do it seemingly without thought. The subject of the conversation you are on won't matter, whatever it is, one phrase or sentence from them will cause all your work in building up an interesting and stimulating dialogue to be for nought.

Even their very presence can cause the same effect to be observed. There are some adepts of this black art that merely have to enter a room in order to kill off a conversation. Merely by shifting an inch in their seat will cause a moment of silence, which it is almost impossible to fill. Indeed, only the bravest of raconteurs can overcome the powers that these conversation killers possess.

I offer this information to you in order that you will recognise these malevolent beings and be able to thwart their schemes, whatever they may be!

I have this power. This technique, referred to in our texts as the 'conversation killer', is to aid us in our telepathic conversion of the world. When you can no longer speak, your eyes will be opened and you will communicate without words.

we, the live nude lesbians and monkeybagels, will use our soy-induced psychic powers to 0\/\/|\| j00!

Many techniques form this body of knowledge:

But, by far the most devastating technique cannot be named...only taught by its true master!

So fear us! We are the killers of conversation, the destroyers of rational thought, the bringers of silence!

But first, I must sprinkle you with fairy dust

TWAJS. Fnord. That torpedo did not self-destruct. You heard it hit the hull. And I....was never here.

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