A collection of short stories by post-rock pundit M. Gira, published in 1994 by 2.13.61, ISBN #: 1-880985-26-8.

It's actually a compilation of two M. Gira short story collections, The Consumer and Various Traps, Some Weaknesses, Etc. Some stories mutated into Swans songs.

With each story, Gira exposes not the underbelly of human nature, but, rather, the intestines pulled backwards through the spine with a long, sharp hook. This isn't to say that reading Gira stories is torture -- on the contrary, the eloquent, sometimes dry, prose goes down easy, provided the reader has a cast iron stomach and won't turn away from discourses on incest, violence, necessary rape, raw brutal sex, and other frailties of spirit and morality.

A short sampling, the entirety of the short short story "A Grave":

A Grave

I use this room like a disease uses a body. I corrupt it, eat away at it, mar the walls with my hands. The room stinks of my blood. I'm in my bed. The mattress is rotting beneath me. My urine has eaten a hole in it. My lower back's buried in the hole. I can't tell where my body leaves off and the mattress begins. When I get up and go to the toilette, I tear my body in half.

In other words, think H.R. Giger in print.

List of stories from The Consumer:

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