The Cold Cave, also known as The Wind Cave is one of the largest tectonic (created by moving rocks fracturing, not erosion) caves in the eastern United States. It is found in Pequea, Pennsylvania, about a 30 minute drive from Lancaster, in the Susquehanna valley.

To get there, follow 324 South from Lancaster. You will run into a T where the road ends when it hits the river. Take a left, onto Ridge Drive, before long on your right there will be a gated-off road entrance and several gravel parking spaces between the road and a guard-rail. Park here and follow the gated road about a hundred yards until you see a small path leading off to the left. Take this path, and keep going. It seems to wind on endlessly, but just keep going. You will come to a piling of rocks, and in this piling is a large entrance, with a sign posted by the York Grotto about taking care of the cave.

Standing there reading the sign, the first thing you will probably notice is the cold draft coming from the blackness. It isn't called the Cold Cave for nothing.

This cave is very extensive, and can be confusing, with passages zig-zagging back and forth over and under each other. However, it is very fun.

You will probably need several trips to explore all of this cave, as there are many dead-ends. Or try and get someone familiar with the cave to guide you.

I can give out the location of this cave and not feel bad that someone might read this and go and trash the cave, because it is trashed already. Sorry to crush your hopes. There is trash and graffiti everywhere through-out the cave. Not to mention things that should never be in a cave in the first place, such as fireworks. Also, because this cave is fairly young and a fracture cave, there are no formations yet, and with the rate at which the cave is being destroyed there never will be any. It seems not many people observe the rule.

Despite this vandalism, this is a great beginners cave, and you shouldn't need much more than the Standard Caving Equipment. So enjoy, be careful and remember. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footsteps.

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