So, you're probably thinking to yourself, "Uh, Devon, anyone can do a big elbow. That's a pretty vague title, kid."

Very well, I shall provide background. Professional wrestling has always had moves that follow the format, the "big" something, Hulk Hogan's Big Leg (drop of DOOM!), the Ultimate Warrior's Big Splash. Of course, the word "big" is also used for emphasis. Think of a colour commentator shouting, "And Kane comes back with a BIIIIIIG powerslam!"

The WWF wrestler Test tried to have the big elbow as his finisher, but it seems his big boot was what got the fans, and I can attest (ha-ha). That Big Boot of his does look pretty vicious, in between his rather stale repertoire of powerbombs.

But I digress, sportsfans. There is only one Big Elbow in this business. And it is that of Randy "Macho Man" Savage. He's the wrestler that the big elbow will always be linked with. He had the style to make it look decent, too. Climbing the turnbuckle, the fans would know what was coming. When he'd stand on the top turnbuckle, and point his hands up in the air, the fans would begin to taste it. Then he'd be in the air.

He'd crash down on his opponent's chest, and then roll over them for the pin.

Afterwards, much Macho Man posing, and Pomp and Circumstance.

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