A fortress in the Czech Republic whose most recent use was as a concentration camp during World War 2.

Whilst not an extermination camp, the Nazis managed to polish off a staggering 2000 human beings at Terezin during the war.

A tour of Terezin can be undertaken for around 8000 Kc. A guide will explain the history of the camp from its beginnings as a military base through to the present day. Still intact are the small cells that held upward of sixty people at a time, the shooting range and gallows, and the clean and bright shower facilities installed to fool the Red Cross into thinking that the occupants had access to humane facilities.

There's also a memorial that has a list of people who were sent from Terezin to extermination camps such as Auschwitz.

The enormous cemetary at the front of the complex contains the bodies of six hundred people found buried in a mass grave. Due to poor record keeping, several graves are mis-labelled with the wrong names. After the war an inmate revisited the cemetery and found his own name on a headstone.

A sobering place to visit.

Arbeit macht frei.

At the former concentration camp Terrezin (was called "Theresienstadt" by the Germans), there is a museum featuring drawings made by the Jews and other prisoners. Hundreds upon hundreds of small, dirty, crumbled papers & pieces of cardboard drawn on with bits of smuggled-in crayons, chalk and clay. A touching example of how you can never truly break a human being.

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