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One of the Two Trees of Valinor, called the White Tree, which shone silver light over Valinor in the Elder Days. The Eldar so loved this tree that Yavanna created an image of it that was planted in their city of Tirion, that was known as Galathilion. Many seedlings of this tree were produced, one of which was planted in Tol Eressëa, known as Celeborn.

Telperion was destroyed by Morgoth and Ungoliant when they attacked Valinor and shortly after stole the Silmarils from Fëanor's abode of Formenos. Yavanna, however, was able to save a single white flower from the Tree, which later became the Moon.

The White Tree of Númenor, Nimloth, that once grew in the King's Court in their capital city of Armenelos, was descended from Celeborn. The second to the last king of Númenor, Tar-Palantir, prophesied that the fate of the Royal House lived and died with the tree, which is why, for a long time, even his successor, the proud Ar-Pharazôn, was reluctant to see the tree destroyed, even after he brought Sauron to Númenor. He eventually agreed, much later, to Sauron's "suggestion" that the Tree be burned, destroying the last memory of their ancient alliance with Valinor, shortly before his ill-fated attempt to violate the Ban of the Valar. However, Isildur was able to save a fruit of the tree which was later planted in the city of Minas Anor in Gondor. This tree also died when Eärnur, the last king of Gondor, was lost, but later Aragorn found a seedling that he later planted after his ascension to the throne.

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