"Teen Girl Squad" is a hilarious short cartoon found in the Strong Bad emails section of the best website in the world.

As an answer to an email sent by a girl, Strong Bad creates a short comic entitled "Teen Girl Squad." A great deal of the humor in this cartoon, as with many Strong Bad Emails, derives from Strong Bad's voices. This particular cartoon, however, also uses moronic parody of inane pop culture to achieve its hilarious end. In the cartoon, Strong Bad emulates a comic made by a grade schooler, using notebook paper to make it appear authentic.

It is also an example of how Strong Bad's humor is largely composed of making fun of those who email him. A friend of mine cherishes this partiular short because it is an excellent example of how Strong Bad can incite laughter by degrading someone's inability to spell or use proper grammar. Purposely using the misspelling used in the girl's email, Strong Bad remarks, "I'd really appreciate it if you proofread your emails before you sent them to me."

This particular cartoon was so popular that sequels were made. These sequels were only known to those who worship Strong Bad as a demigod, because they were hidden deep within the website. Now they can be found in the features section of the toons page.

"I miss Kristina." -Whats Her Face

Teen Girl Squad by Strong Bad, part of the Homestar Runner website, is a deep and meaningful exploration of satire and society and... well, possums.

There are currently, at the time this was written, three Teen Girl Squad short cartoons. All of them can be seen in the toons section of the Homestar Runner website. They all can best be described as stuff happening, since stuff happening is the only thing that can completely include everything that is contained in these short masterpieces. The four characters, Cheerleader, So and So, Whats Her Face, and The Ugly One, are out to seek the eternal bliss of looking "So Good!"

During their quest to look so good, they encounter many events which alter the course of their lives and stomach lining. Among the events which occur to the squad of girls between the ages of 13 and 19 are attacks on them such as "MSG'd!", "Grasped!", "Children!", and my personal favorite "Arrow'd!".

This is truely one of Strong Bad's greatest works, and rivals such excellent other works of Strong Bad, like Trogdor the Burninator. Watching this set of cartoons once tends to simply not be enough. In order to understand the deeper meaning of this cartoon, it simply must be watched over and over again (such as I did while writing this!).

In conclusion, I leave you with some important words.
"Well, I think it's hella tight. And you guys need boyfriends." -Cheerleader

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