"For years, he's thrilled and captivated himself with his music. And now, it's YOUR turn!"

Strong Bad Sings And Other Type Hits is a soundtrack album of sorts from Homestar Runner. It features 20 fairly short tracks created by The Brothers Chaps, with a little help from the group Y-O-U. The 20 tracks include new versions of songs used on the website, as well as all-new material.

Track Listing-

  1. Trogdor - Strong Bad's tribute to his creation, Trogdor the Burninator
  2. The System Is Down - An extended version of Strong Bad's song from the Strong Bad E-Mail "techno"
  3. Strong Badia National Anthem- featuring Ms. Partsmatter's 1st Grade Class - The national anthem for Strong Bad's very own country, Strongbadia
  4. Oh Yeah Yeah- Marzipan - A little number seen in the Strong Bad E-Mail "marzipan", with a twist
  5. Because It's Midnite- Limozeen - The first of two songs by hair metal parody Limozeen
  6. Circles- The Kinda Long-Haired Band - A blues-y number about college life, from the Strong Bad E-mail "theme party"
  7. Lets Get Started On Doing All Those Awesome Things I Suggested - Suffice to say, the title is almost longer than the song
  8. Moving Very Slowly- Taranchula - Amusingly overwrought death-metal parody
  9. Sweet Cuppin Cakes Theme Song - The theme song to Strong Bad's "crazy cartoon" (from the E-mail of the same name), Sweet Cuppin' Cakes
  10. I Think I Have A Chance With This Guy- Whats Her Face - Rap song inspired by Strong Bad's independent comic Teen Girl Squad
  11. It's Like It Was Meant to Be - Strong Bad does a power ballad! Who knew?
  12. Nite Mamas- Limozeen - more from Strong Bad's favorite band
  13. Sensitive To Bees- Marzipan Featuring Strong Bad - A little folk song about nature and animals and stuff like that
  14. You've Got an Ugly And Stupid Butt - Another quickie from Strong Bad
  15. These Peoples Try to Fade Me- Coach Z - A rap number from the green guy with the funny accent
  16. The Ladies In My Town All Know My Name - And yet another short song from Strong Bad, this one acid rock
  17. The Theme from Dangeresque II: This Time, It's Not Dangeresque I - The theme to Strong Bad's action movie parody in the E-mail "stunt double"
  18. Somebody Told Me (Now I Believe Them) - And another quickie, with a bit of a lighthearted bluegrass feel to it
  19. The Cheat Is Not Dead -A song about The Cheat from the E-mail "caper", with a little reggae and gospel thrown in
  20. Everybody to the Limit (Live) - Live version of Strong Bad's #1 Jam of the Summer about fhqwhgads

There's also a secret or two (as can be expected from the makers of the easter egg-packed Homestar Runner website), including a video for Coach Z's song (directed by The Cheat) accessible via PC CD-ROM.

Where to get this fine piece of art? It's avaliable at the "Store" at http://www.homestarrunner.com/ , so go there now! And if you haven't checked out the wonderful world of Homestar Runner and are wondering what the hell I'm talking about, I strongly recommend you do so right now!

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