one of the most interesting characters of the Masters of the Universe; mainly because of the duality of the usage of her character between the comic book and the cartoon.
In the comic book, she was a Snake goddess, based heavly on the accesories that she was packaged with: a snake staff, a scaled shield, and a piece of armor that made her resemble Serpentor (of G.I.Joe) except maroon. this style was abandoned when the cartoon series became popular.
in the cartoon she was the daughter of Man-at-Arms, who found her along with some eggs in a nest that was tended by a falcon, that resembled Zoar, atop a mountain. she was used as the romantic intrest of Prince Adam / He-man.
She is often used by feminists as an example of the negitive connotation of women by the media. Along with Lois Lane she is said to be scripted as too stupid to figure out the hero's obvious secret identy.
her discovery by Man-at-Arms. is an example of the network's fear of any form of sexuality as well as a very Disney-like hate of mothers. it is also theorized by the "virgin" birth as well as the presence of the familiar falcon would lead to the conclusion that Teela is the next Sorceress in cartoon continuity.
In the cartoon Linda Gary was the voice of Teela as well as other characters from Masters of the Univerce.
In the realy bad and totaly inacurate live-action movie she was played by Chelsea Field.

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