Book by Ed Sanders on the topic of the Beat Generation

It was originally published by Stonehill Press in 1975; now from Citadel Underground, replete with jacket blurbs from William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg. 32 tales about the beatniks and proto-hippies of New York's Lower East Side in the late '50s and early '60s. Each story stands on its own, but they also progress chronologically and build on one another to create a picture of the time and place. Lots of kinky sex and other fun. A great nostalgia for the sex and drug mores of those times.

Also see: Memoirs of a Beatnik, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Electric Koolaid Acid Test

Source: Sanders, Ed, "Tales of Beatnik Glory", Citadel Underground, New York, 1975 Byrne, Robert, "The 637 Best Things Anybody Ever Said", Fawcett Crest, NY 1982 Last Updated 10.24.02

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