Taijutsu, the ninja self-protection method, takes an elemental approach based on the Go-dai "five-elements".


Earth stability, the attitude of confidence and strength. The confrontation is won before it has started. You stop them in their tracks. You are immovable as a majestic mountain or a mighty oak tree.


Water responsiveness, the attitude of fade and strike. You withdraw from your aggressor's attack, and respond with a blast of power. You are as a wave in the surf rising back and then crashing on the shore.


Fire expansiveness, the attitude of foresight. You perceive the potential for attack and are committed to stopping the aggression the moment you perceive it. You are as a fireball hurling forward.


The attitude of intellect. You are free moving and skillful enough to know exactly where you need to be in order to take control of the aggression, positioning yourself to take advantage of your momentum. You are like a cloud of smoke that one tries to grasp as you slip and curl from between his fingers and out of his grip.


The void, the source of all elements. You use your skill to face unknown attacks and acquire the appropriate attitude in response.

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