Okay, here's your disclaimer: Don't do this! It is probably fraud and you could get in a lot of trouble. (Which means if you can get away with it, it is a lot of fun.) ;)

Swaptronics (a term coined by a friend of mine, a combination of swap and electronics) is basically taking advantage of the fact that most older model computer parts look very similar to current-model computer parts. It also involves taking advantage of electronics megastores that hire incompetent computer illiterates to work the return desk.

The way to swaptronize (the actual process of swaptroning, get it?) something, say a hard drive, is to go to your store of choice (make sure they have a good return policy, some stores only refund store credit) and see what the latest models look like. Chances are, that new 80GB Maxtor drive looks just like the old 10GB one you have at home. After you've found your similar looking drive, buy it! Once you get it home, make sure it works, then clean the dust off your old drive, carefully switch any obvious labels (anti-tamper labels can be removed without damage if you're careful and slow), such as specs and serial numbers. After you're satisfied everything looks kosher, pack 'er back up, go back to the store and get your refund. This process also works as a way to replace things that are out-of-warranty and are still sold - like that I-Opener your cat knocked over. "I swear, the screen CAME with this huge crack in it!"

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