A large, profitable hard drive manufacturing company. Second only to IBM's Storage Division in size, and has the greatest manufacturing yields of any drive maker. It's a pitty, then, that there stuff isn't really too amazing; they have sacrificed quantity for quality -- which is not no say it's all bad; I use Maxtor hard drives, and I think they're a great deal for the money. They don't have the cool whiz-bang features like insane rotational speeds, accoustical compensation or SCSI interfaces.

Recently Maxtor has also started making generic equivelent drives for OEMs and Chain Stores, examples being eMachines anf CompUSA respectivly.

Maxtor recently purchased Quantum, so it is now the largest hard drive manufucturer, larger even than IBM itself. Officially the companies involved are calling it a merging, but everybody else seems to be of the opinion that Maxtor purchased Quantum.

Hopefully the quality of Maxtor's hard drives will get better as a result, since at least I think Quantum makes (made) very good hard drives, altough IBM's still are the best.

One sincere wish to Maxtor though: Please don't raise your prices now that you are the biggest, I've really liked your price-policy so far.

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