So I'm sitting on a park bench with a female friend of mine when this guy walks up with his girlfriend. He's excited and has a rather wild look in his eyes. He says to me and my female friend,

"Excuse me, sorry to bother you, but I just have to ask. Umm, okay, have you ever seen in the Airdrie phone book...?"

"Stu Pidass," I reply before he can even finish the sentence.

The man smiles and continues spastically, "yeah, yeah! Is that his real name? Have you called him?"

"Not I," I reply. My female friend also notes that she knows the name but hasn't called. The man walks off giggling to himself, no doubt to ask someone else. The meme strikes again.

Stu Pidass is supposedly the name of a man who lives in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. It is also an exceptionally viral meme infecting those in the Airdrie area. It's sent by word of mouth and by e-mail messages. Stu Pidass is the local equivalent to All Your Base Are Belong To Us.

The message is quite simple. It instructs you to open your local (Calgary) phone book and turn to page 23 of the Airdrie section, and in the middle of the rightmost column is the listing of a Stu Pidass.

But who is the man behind the name, and is that his real name? Nobody knows since nobody has the guts to call and ask. My coworkers and I have often considered it, but what would we say? "Uhh, hi. Is your name Stu Pidass? Really? Er, I mean... we were just checking. Nevermind." Chances are it's a fake name along the lines of Hugh G. Rection or Ivanna Tinkle. We may never know. Oh, but if you'd like to find out, the telephone number is 403-912-0959.

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