Swedish punk'n'folk band, not very different from Dia Psalma, and that's not very strange, since three of Strebers' four members (at the time of the breakup) later formed Dia Psalma. Strebers was formed some time late spring '85. At that time, they had no singer, so Ulke had to sing while they searched for a "real" vocalist, though they never found another vocalist, so Ulke did most of their vocals, backed by the other members on occasion. A few weeks after they formed the band, their first songs were recorded in one of the members' garage, which they used to practice in. Those songs were supposed to be their first songs to be released, but the plans were changed. They went to a real studio instead, and re-recorded the songs there. Ung & Arg was the result of 8 hours of work in the studio.


  • Ung & Arg (LP, late summer '85)
  • På Liv & Död (LP, spring '86)
  • Ur Led Är... (LP, autumn '86)
  • Öga För Öga (LP '87, CD '93)
  • Bad Boys Behind Bars (Ditt Blod/Mitt Blod) (LP, '88)
  • (Strebers) Och Kråkan (LP, early '90)
  • I Fädrens Spår (LP, late '90)
  • Kaos & Skrål 85-87 (LP/CD, '91)
  • Kallt Stål Varmt Blod (LP/CD, '91)
  • Till En Vän (CD, '92)
  • Blod Svett & Tårar 85-92 (2 CD, '00)
  • Meningslöst Liv(e) (CD, '01)

Through the years, they had seven members altogether, lineup was as follows:

Ulke, vocals and guitar, 1985 - 2001.
Pelle, bass and vocals, 1985 - 1988 & 2000 - 2001.
Johnny, drums and vocals, 1985 - 1992.
Micke, vocals and guitar, 1987 - 1988.
Ztikkan, bass and vocals, 1989 - 2001.
Solbjörn, (digital) drums, 1992.
Stipen, drums, 1992 & 2000 - 2001.

Of those seven, three later formed Dia Psalma together with a friend of Ulke's. The three were Ulke, Stipen and Ztikkan.

This noder's favourite Strebers songs include Betongbarn, 39 Steg, Balladen om Lilla Elsa, Kallt Stål Varmt Blod and Blod Svett och Tårar.
Their albums may be hard to find, especially outside of Sweden.

Source: http://home8.swipnet.se/~w-80499/strebers/index.htm (In Swedish) and countless hours spent listening to their tracks.

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