Swedish punk'n'folk band, with a slice of heavy metal in it, formed in 1993. Most of its members came from Strebers, but after that band broke up, three of their ex members formed Dia Psalma. They released ten albums of which the last was a compilation of some of their old songs. A few years ago, Dia Psalma was considered an underground band, not very well known. The band unfortunately broke up in 1997, and as of now, there are no plans for a reunion.

  • Hon Får... (May '93)
  • Gryningstid (February '94)
  • Stora Bollar av Eld (April '94)
  • Tro Rätt Tro Fel (June '94)
  • Balladen om Lilla Elsa (September '94)
  • Noll (October '94)
  • Hundra Kilo Kärlek (May '95)
  • Efter Allt (October '95)
  • Luft (November '95)
  • Sell Out(March '96)

Now, these guys weren't robots who spewed out more music than MS releases crappy software, their albums only had about 5 songs on each, with the exceptions of Gryningstid and Efter Allt, which both had 11 songs on each.
Their lineup was as follows¹:

Micke "Ulke" Johansson -- Guitar and vocals
Fredrik "Ztikkan" -- Bass and backing vocals
Pontus -- Guitar
Stipen -- Drums

Ulke's vocals deserve a special mention, his voice is coarse but still smooth, and he uses it in the best possible way, you're bound to like it.

Now, if you're feeling the need to get yourself a few Dia Psalma songs, these are my recommendations:
  • Ack Högaste Himmel
  • I Evighet
  • Hon Kom Över Mon
  • Höstmåne
  • Sol Över Oss
  • Vi Svartnar
I hope you're not firing up your favourite P2P application now, go buy the albums instead! Home taping is killing music!

¹ I have been unable to find all of their last names, if you know them, /msg me with them and I'll put them here.
Thanks to bewe for Ulke's and Ztikkan's names.

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