A "Southernism" is a word or phrase found in the southern region of the United States that so flabbergasts you with its profundity or stupidity that you remember it until your dying day.

My most recent Southernism discovery was from a coworker. While explaining her daughter's likeness to her father she was quoted as saying,"She was dug outta' her daddy's ass with a grubhoe!" Now what a "grubhoe" is, I cannot say, but I'm dying to find out.
Friend of mine (he's Southern) says 'That'll be do.' You know, as in:

Waiter: Will that be all, sir?
Friend: No, no, that'll be do.

First time I heard him say it I nearly fell down laughing. 'Course, it might've been an accident, but he won't tell.
I don't know why it's so funny to me. It just sounds like a mixture of 'that'll do it' and 'that'll be it'.

This is a phrase most commonly heard on construction sites.
It is used to express utter disgust for the world and your current position in it.

"Well fuck me runnin'"

This is generally spoken by a carpenter who has just walked onto a job, seen the mindbogglingly stupid mistakes of others, and realized that they are going to have to fix the damn thing. No tradesman likes having to clean up other peoples messes.

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