A football stadium in Chicago, Illinois. It was built in 1924 at a publicly financed cost of $10 million. The Chicago Bears of the National Football League call Soldier Field home, and have since 1971. Prior to that, the Bears played at Wrigley Field. Seating capacity for football games at Soldier Field is roughly 66,000.

Soldier Field is located along the banks of Lake Michigan, just south of The Loop, and just north of Meigs Field. The stadium is across the street from the Field Museum of Natural History, which gives rise to the use of the term "Museum Campus" to describe the area.

Chicago mayor Richard Daley does not care for Soldier Field, as it interferes with his ultimate goal of making the entire lakefront a park area. Many folks agree with such a goal in the abstract, but the notion of destroying Soldier Field is not palatable to most residents of the city who possess a keen sense of history.

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