The best museum in Chicago. If you like science, history, art, anthropology, or nature, this place is for you. The most impressive exhibit is the first thing you see upon entering the museum, a huge reconstruction of a brachiosaurus that stands just behind the ticket counter. They've got a whole hall of other dinosaur sculptures, and the world's most complete Tyrannasaurus Rex is due to be unveiled there Real Soon Now.

If dinosaurs aren't your thing, the museum also is home to a collection of rocks are both interesting and expensive, such as meteorites, geodes, nuggets, and various famous gemstones. Another section of the museum is devoted to showing stuffed animals from around the world in recreations of their natural habitats.

Finally, those interested in anthropology can see exhibits on ancient Egypt, other parts of Africa, and American Indians west of the Mississippi.

The web page for the museum, which has a web cam on the assembly of the T. Rex, can be found at

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