ICAO identifier KCGX

Meigs Field was a small airport about 2 miles south of downtown Chicago. It has been the default starting point in Microsoft Flight Simulator ever since version 1. Its main customers were personal flights, charter, and business aircraft. It has been an important reliever airport for the Chicago area. Its proximity to downtown Chicago means that many business flights elect to terminate there instead of O'hare or Midway. In 2002, Meigs field served 32,000 flights.

On March 31st, 2003, just after the tower closed normally, with no warning at all construction crews and heavy equipment arrived and began tearing up the runway under police guard. By 1:30AM Meigs field was no longer an airport. Sixteen airplanes were still stranded there and several businesses on the field have found themselves out of business overnight.

Mayor Daley released a statement the next day citing "Homeland Security" as his reason for destroying a historic airport. Most people quickly cried bullshit since Daley has long wanted to close Meigs and demolish it to build a park. Mayor Daley stated that he destroyed the airport at night with no warning in order to save people the endless debate of deciding what to do with the field.

The FAA didn't even know until it was all over and wasn't able to issue a NOTAM closing the field until several hours after the fact.

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