"Sky Coyote" is the second installment in the "Company" series by science fiction writer Kage Baker. In the novels, the Company is an immensely powerful corporation that rescues people from death, makes them immortal, and sends them on time travel missions to rescue art or extinct life-forms. The stories are an odd combination of historical novel and science fiction.

"Sky Coyote" is told from the point of view of Joseph, the Facilitator from the first novel in the series, "In the Garden of Iden". In this novel, Joseph is sent to the California of the 17th Century to help preserve a native American tribe, the Chumash. To do this, he takes on the role of one of the tribe's semi-deities, a Trickster figure named "Sky Coyote". The main character from "Iden", the botanist Mendoza, also returns in this novel.

In "Sky Coyote", we get many hints about the darker side of the politics behind the Company, adding a new, much grimmer layer to the story. At the same time, and in sharp contrast to this, the novel is at times hilariously funny.

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