Mendoza in Hollywood is the third novel in the "Company" series by science fiction author Kage Baker. The series deals with the lives and adventures of certain operatives of Dr. Zeus, a 24th Century Company which rescues people from death, turns them into immortal cyborgs, and sends them on time travel missions to restore art and extinct lifeforms.

In "Mendoza In Hollywood", we return to the point of view of Mendoza, whose early years are described in the first novel of the series, "In the Garden of Iden". The novel is set in the second half of the 19th Century, in what will later become Hollywood (which is, incidentally, where the author grew up). Mendoza is one of a half dozen immortals stationed at a fake coach stop in what was then the rawest part of the "Wild West". They are there to study the flora (botanist Mendoza), and to work on wildlife and do anthropological studies of the period, one (Imarte from "Sky Coyote") by posing as a whore to get her clients to talk.

It's hard to say much about this novel without spoiling any of the earlier books, but some brief points ... The story is brilliant, especially when the cyborgs, who know what will happen in the future, talk about Hollywood's "future", referring to the wilderness around them as "Harrison Ford's porch" and "Sunset Boulevard". More of the dark secrets of the Company (and its origin?) are hinted at. Fans of the spunky Mendoza character from the first novel will get some nasty shocks as well.

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