"The Graveyard Game" is the fourth novel in the "Company" series by science fiction author Kage Baker. The series deals with the lives and adventures of certain operatives of Dr. Zeus, a 24th Century Company which rescues people from death, turns them into immortal cyborgs, and sends them on time travel missions to restore art and extinct lifeforms.

The novel is a direct sequel to "Mendoza in Hollywood", the third installment in the series, but we return to the point of view of Joseph, Mendoza's original recruiter and the main character in the second novel, "Sky Coyote". It is hard to say much about the plot without including massive spoilers for almost everything else in the series, but suffice it to say that the reader learns much more about the dark secrets of the Company. The novel is at times hilarious, but over all this is probably the darkest installment in the series so far.

For the fans: next up we will get either "The Life of the World to Come" or "Children of the Company". Kage Baker is writing both novels simultaneously and has not decided yet which one will cross the finish line first. Also in the works is a collection of short stories, "Black Projects, White Knights: The Company Dossiers", which will be published by Golden Gryphon Press in the Summer of 2002. Most of these stories have been published before in Asimov's.

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