Robbie Williams third and latest album. Released on the 28th of August 2000 this album became an immediate success just as expected. Five tracks from the album have been released as singles, these are (in chronological order): Rock DJ, Kids (with Kylie Minogue), Supreme, Let Love Be Your Energy and Road To Mandalay. All of them ended up being number one in the UK charts. Here are the tracks featuring on the European version along with some comments:

1. Let Love Be Your Energy
The video is an animated cartoon version of Rob. There are two versions, one of which can be viewed any time whilst the other is best suited for those aged 18 and over!

2. Better Man
"It's just about feeling a bit sad and a bit sorry for yourself and not knowing how to get out of a rut." - Robbie, August 2000

3. Rock DJ
If you are squeamish then perhaps you should give the video for Rock DJ a miss! In the process of trying to impress a DJ, Rob decides that she may be interested in him if he undresses to his bare bones!

"What have I gone and done? I've gone and taken my skin off, haven't I, and start doing this ultimate strip tease and then I take pieces of my flesh and throw them into the crowd, and then I get down to my bones: puff!" - Robbie, August 2000

4. Supreme
Video sees Rob as a world class racing driver back in the 70s. The only problem is when it comes to the big race - he gets stuck in the toilet!

5. Kids
Yes, it's official. Rob fancies the pants off Kylie, unfortunately the feeling isn't mutual in the downstairs department for Kylie!

In the video, Rob and Kylie do there best to impersonate the one and only John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. So much so, you are almost expecting them to sing..."ooh ooh ooh You're The One That I Want!"

6. If It's Hurting You
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7. Singing For The Lonely
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8. Love Calling Earth
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9. Knutsford City Limits
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10. Forever Texas
This song contains the typical 'Rob Ego' lyrics and is one my own personal favourite songs that Rob has done so far.

11. By All Means Necessary
"It's about this girl or this boy who finds it necessary to go to every party in town, sleep with every popstar, drink a lot, get into trouble and be vulnerable. And, um, pretty much sounds like me in a skirt!" - Robbie, Aug 2000

12. Road To Mandalay
"We started to write, I was doing this French television show and then because we were in France I don't know, I just picked up on French vibes and started singing a French sort of melody."

"And then it's turned out to be the most, for me, touching song that I've written" - Robbie, Aug 2000

13. "Sorry, not on this one" (Hidden track)
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All songs written by R Williams/G Chambers exept Supreme written by R Williams/G Chambers/F Perren/D Fekarisand, Love Calling Earth written by R Williams/G Chambers/K Andrews, Knutsford City Limits written by R Williams/G Chambers/K Andrews

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