A character created by Marvel Comics and made his first appearance in Daredevil #111.

Born Kenuichio Harada, the Silver Samurai is part of a well-established Japanese family. Born to Shingen Harada, a powerful crime lord, the young Kenuichio seemed destined to inherit the vast corporate domain of his father, but for reasons unrevealed, was never publicly recognised as such.

Instead, Kenuichio studied the lives of the medieval warriors in Japan's history - the samurai, as well as their bushido code of honor. Coupled with his mutant ability to coat a blade with a tachyon field, making the weapon indestructible, has turned Kenuichio into a formidable opponent.

When their father died, politics with his estranged half-sister Mariko Harada has resulted in several engagements with her lover Logan aka Wolverine. However, over time, the two warriors began to bear a grudging respect for each other, resulting in a wary alliance.

Though he was once in service to the female Viper, he has since renounced his criminal ways and allied himself with his cousin, the mutant Sunfire as field general of Japan's superhero team Big Hero 6.

Apparently, though, recent appearances in the pages of Elektra and Wolverine not only convieniently discard his involvement and change-of-heart, but also depict the Silver Samurai as having gone back to his mercenary ways.

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