Shriekback was/is a British band that started in the late 70's and lasted off and on through the 90's. Their most popular album is the out of print Oil and Gold, which is popular among goths.

Whump (below) is a little behind. They had several albums after "Go Bang!" (which was definitely 80's pop), including Sacred City.

The members of this band sort of circulated in and out of this and other bands throughout its existence. The Dancing Years has a pretty cool diagram of these interactions.

Dave Allen and Barry Andrews were the mainstays of Shriekback from 1982 through 1989. Other members included: Carl Marsh, Linda Nevill, Emma Burnham, Brian Nevill, Pedro Ortiz, Martyn Baker, Claire Hirst, Lu Edmunds, Wendy & Sara Partridge, Steve Halliwell, Even Moon, Ivan Julian, Mike Cozzi, and Jessica Palin/Jose Fina Cupido.

Other bands that Shriekback members worked with include: XTC, Out on Blue Six, League of Gentlemen, Gang of Four, Restaurant for Dogs, David Bowie/Live Aid, The Belle Stars, 3 Mustaphas 3, The Damned, Big Fun, P.I.I, Richard Hell & the Voidoids, The Lovelies, Samantha Fox, ABC, King Swamp, Andrew Eidgeley Band, and Illuminati.

A Short Discography (not including singles):

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