Six Finger Satellite formed in the early nineties in Providence, RI. Before their breakup in 1999 they released four albums of increasingly spacey noise rock. The original members were J. Ryan, Rick Pelletier, John Maclean, Peter Phillips and Chris Dixon. After their debut album, Dixon and Phillips left the group. They were replaced by James Apt and the lineup solidified until Maclean's departure after their final LP. The band has since been on an indefinite hiatus.

For the majority of their carreer, Maclean played guitar, Ryan shouted, Pelletier played drums and Apt played bass. Ryan and Maclean also played synthesizers, including a pair of spaced-out Moog organs.

They released their first album, The Pigeon Is The Most Popular Bird in 1993. Severe Exposure followed in 1995, and Paranormalized in 1996. Their final album, Law Of Ruins was released in 1998. All of their albums were released on Sub Pop Records. During their career, they released a number of EPs as well, including Weapon, Massive Cocaine Seizure and Clone Theory. Clone Theory is the most notable of these in that it was a dance record recorded entirely with electronic instruments.

As is the case with most Providence indie bands, they played frequently at the legendary Fort Thunder. Their sound takes the Big Black's guitar tone, Devo's electronic freakiness and the groove of Kraftwerk to form an entirely unique sound--one of confusion, fear, anger, drugs and most of all, pure sex.

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