According to Spanish tradition the proper time to serenade a lady is 2:00 am Saturday night (Sunday morning).

Additional tips:

  • The songs may be Spanish, but if you are not acquainted with that wonderful language, then select romantic songs meaningful to you (both).
  • A guitar is traditional, but use whatever musical instrument you play. Remember, its you, the night, and your music creating a mood for her.
  • Don't park your car by her father's vegetable garden. He might think you are there to steal produce and fire a warning shot overhead. (yah, really!)
  • Since he now knows what your are up to, be prepared for comments for the next few weeks about the sick cow he heard moaning that night.

She will absolutely adore you.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work quite so well if you have the singing voice of the aforementioned sick cow. The joke is especially bad if the person you are serenading is a veterinarian's daughter (true story.)

I recommend wearing typical spanish gear, an outrageous sombrero and and light guitar.

Failing this get a backup band to serenade her while you sing the basic melody. It might be a good idea to give her *some* warning about this otherwise it may not go well.

Also, and this is vital, make sure she is in...

(alas another true story)

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