This is neither an endorsement nor condemnation for this product but is for informational purposes only.


Semenex™ purports to be a dietary supplement which enhances the flavor of ejaculated semen. Many of the ingredients (see below) are part of the folk canon surrounding the flavor and character of one's sperm (particularly pineapple and celery). This supplement should not be taken by diabetics or hypoglycemics.


Single dose approximately .75 oz. (21.5 gms).


  1. About an hour or so before bed, ejaculate at least a time or two before taking Semenex™.
  2. Shortly before bed, open a Semenex™ packet and pour contents into a container of 6 oz. (175 ml.) of water.
  3. Close the container with a lid and shake contents vigorously. Then drink.
  4. While Semenex™ will enhance semen taste in as little as 12-24 hours, to give your lover(s) more than a few drops of Semenex™ enhanced semen it is strongly recommended to repeat steps 2-3 for an additional one to two nights. (The human male physiology takes approximately three days to fully replenish semen supply.)
  5. Within 24 hours of having last drank a packet of Semenex™ (whether Semenex™ has been taken for one, two, or three nights in succession), invite your lover over for a taste test she's sure to enjoy.


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Added 18 Feb. 2002: Just received spam email for a competing product called SweetenZe. No website is listed. Will fill in information (or create new node) when more information becomes available.

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