Seasons in the Abyss
By Sarah Edison
Warning: this guide is not an accurate depiction of the Seasons in the Abyss. The Abyss is unpredictable. Do not trust books to tell you what it will do to you: take this only as knowing what it can do to you.
First Season
The ground becomes rigid but brittle. Plants continue to grow despite their sensors detecting that the season has changed. There are deformities in them: avoid eating plants during this season. Anima become manic and prone to assembling structures from materials such as stonereed, broken machinery, and meat from other anima. Individual anima report a feeling of hope and deny any accusations of worsening weather or possible danger. The sun and moons are brighter then usual during this season.

Advisory: build shelter and gather supplies while you can.

Second Season
The ground becomes supple and wet. Plants devote all their energy towards reaching the sky, causing numerous deformities. Anima who are capable of creating structures have most likely already finished them. They will have ascended to the tops of their structures or have fought their brethren for access to a structure. The majority of anima will be silent, even talkative ones. The ones who speak are the ones without structures, who will often cajole, bargain with, or outright ask anyone capable to build a structure. The sun and the moons are distant during this season.

Advisory: ignore all demands and don't share your food.

Third Season
The ground becomes sunblasted and dry. Plants die off and will become fertilizer for the next period of growth. Anima become wild and aggressively territorial. If you approach their structure, they will most often attack or at least insult you. They hide it, but they are disappointed by last season. Whatever they were looking for at the tops of their towers, they are angry with the result. The sun and the moons are particularly bad. Their light will burn bare skin.

Advisory: lock your doors, stay inside, don't come out.

Fourth Season
The ground becomes frozen and stiff. Plants are completely dead; there is no new growth in this season. Anima have fallen into a state of hibernation. Their structures will have fallen apart by now. This is a relief after their aggressiveness last season. Those that still remain awake will speak depressing nonsense. The sun and the moons are invisible throughout the entire season. Expect dark nights.

Advisory: if you still have food, you will live. Witness the Abyss; this is when it is most peaceful.

Fifth Season
The ground is hardened and solid. Plants tentatively regrow from the fertilizer left from the dead plants in the Third Season. Anima wake up. At first, they are groggy but return to their usual cheerful disposition. They can't recall building structures or their aggressiveness and usually apologize if you convince them it happened.The other moons disappear, leaving only one. They will appear by the end of the Fifth Season, letting you know when to prepare again. The sun returns from the color of blue to yellow.

Advisory: enjoy the longest and, in my opinion, best season.

Happy travels in the Abyss.
Editor's Note: This piece was found in Ms. Edison's house by her mother. When we last contacted her last, she said she was working on a review of the fifth studio album by the thrash metal band Slayer. We are not entirely sure how this piece relates to the album 'Seasons in the Abyss' or to her disappearance.

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