Scrappy Doo is generally considered by Scooby Doo fans to be what ruined the show. According to the opening Scooby received a box one day and opened it to find out it was his incredibly annoying nephew Scrappy Doo. That's right, Scrappy's parents actually shipped him to Scooby in a box, which shows they like him just as much as Scooby Doo fans do. Scrappy looked just like you'd expect a miniature Scooby to look, except Scrappy walked on his hind legs.

Scrappy premiered in 1979 on the series Scooby and Scrappy Doo. He would go around with the gang as they solved mysteries, replacing Fred as the character Scooby Doo fans complain about the most. His catchphrase was Puppy Power! which he would exclaim to build confidence right before heading into danger. It usually didn't help much.

Scrappy was voiced by Don Messick, who also voiced Scooby. He has also done the voices of Papa Smurf, Hampton, and was the first voice of Zorak. So I guess we can forgive him.

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